Why a Professional Site Management Approach is Important

Without a professional approach to site management, the building sites around our country would be in chaos. All developers want to keep their good reputations intact, so how a site is managed goes a long way to contributing. How would the public feel about debris, mud and discarded materials piling up on the roads around the site? Not only would it be an eyesore, but a health and safety issue too. Each development has a duty of care to keep its workers and the public safe, and correct site management is always implemented to achieve this.

There may be room for improvement on many building sites, but there are some basic guidelines to follow when looking at ways to accomplish good site management.

Determine Clear Access Points

Defining clear access routes in and out of the site will help the whole project run more smoothly from the beginning. This will not only allow deliveries to be made more easily but will keep the site more safe and secure for its workers. Road sweepers can be hired on a daily basis to maintain a clean and clear route for all traffic and plant machinery coming on to or leaving the site.

Site Material Organisation

The organisation of site materials is crucial to any building site, so a system needs to be in place from the very first delivery. Excess materials or those delivered in bulk have to be store in safe and secure locations. Poorly stored items could be damaged, putting a strain on your build if they become unusable. Health and safety rules state that items need to be stored adequately, so that potential trips, slips and falls are avoided. Dangerous or hazardous materials should be contained to avoid spillage, contamination and/or waste.

Tools and Equipment

Regular and routine inspections need to be carried out on any site tools and equipment so that any potential problems are detected early. This will help reduce the risk of accidents later. Of course, with any maintenance task, trained personnel should be used to carry out any checks. In the case of plant hire, all machinery undertakes rigorous maintenance checks before being released to the customer. All on site employees should take an active role in helping to make sure that the site remains a safe and secure workplace.

Safe Waste Disposal

All businesses need to be environmentally conscious and building contractors and house developers are no exception. The safe disposal of waste is a priority, ensuring that all recyclables are taken care of, and hazardous or dangerous waste is disposed of via the correct channels.

Cost Control

Big build projects can cost a significant amount of money so on budget performance is essential. Using these project management strategies as well as others greatly reduces the risk of budget overruns.