Kubota 3 Ton

With the longest reach in the 2.5-ton class, nothing escapes the KX61-3’s reach including the most efficient performance.
Operate the KX61-3 mini-excavator’s control levers. And you’ve got the most efficient, on-the-job performance within your hands. That’s because the KX61-3 delivers the largest digging depth and reach of all mini-excavators with a long arm in its weight category. Even with the long arm, it amazingly generates the largest power in its class for both arm and bucket digging.

Furthermore, the KX61-3’s lifting power is so strong. Together with a host of robust features that complete the package, making the KX61-3 the stand-alone leader in performance.

Specification Sheet


Height - 2.4m
Width - 1.4m
Max dig reach - 4.6m
Max dig depth - 2.7m