Road Sweepers – making the best choice

Eynesbury Plant Hire have a modern fleet of VT650 Lorry Mounted Road Sweepers which provide consistently high pick up performance on duties including dirt pick up around site and cleaning access roads. The road sweepers have high capacity hoppers, water systems and fuel tanks and are designed to stay at work for longer and deliver superb coverage per hour.

The VT650 Road Sweepers are fitted with the Supawash high pressure water system for fast cleaning of road furniture and the road sweeper itself, via a hose and hand lance. The spray bar and the sweepgear can be used together for high performance cleaning, particularly around building sites or on road laying. To assist with removal of stubborn road debris water can also be diverted to a front mounted full-width spray bar or suction nozzle bars. The road sweepers are fitted with a boom mounted wanderhose which provides access around parked cars, over fences and into drains (up to 2 metre depth).

Road Sweeping is an important part of city maintenance and it is usually the responsibility of the local council. Large trucks travel through the streets to remove garbage and debris, a crucial measure for safe driving, human health, watershed health, and aesthetics. The administering department of the council sets up a schedule to ensure that all of the commercial streets in the city are swept on a regular basis, and frequently also attends to residential districts as well. Street sweeping works to keep cities around the world healthier and cleaner.

Should you be are looking for a road sweeper hire company that is based in Cambridge, Eynesbury Plant Hire are experts – your road sweeping needs will be met and you will be assured of the best possible service delivered by our professional, experienced staff. Eynesbury Plant Hire are totally committed to outstanding service, quality and competitive pricing on contract haulage, express transport and distribution service.