Haulage Safety Technology and its Benefits

Haulage is a massive part of our transportation system and with so much traffic on our roads, it’s no wonder that there are so many accidents.  The total number rises year on year, every year.  Statistically, accidents with HGVs are far less common than with cars or bikes, but due to their sheer size and weight, HGV accidents are more likely to be fatal.  A lorry travelling at 50mph could rip through a building, so occupants of a car, van or other vehicle stand very little chance of survival in the event of a collision with an HGV.

Fortunately, even though the number of accidents keeps rising, so do safety standards, making HGV driving safer than ever before.  Technology has progressed at such a pace, that it can now be matched to virtually anything, from microchips being manufactured that are practically invisible, to huge supercomputers capable of performing quadrillions of calculations per second.

For the humble HGV, technology has been developed to help with day to day safety, to protect both the driver and general public.  These safety measures won’t stop fatalities, but there could be a great reduction in the road traffic accidents that HGVs are involved in, therefore reducing the number of HGV accident related deaths.

One such technology is the Lane Departure Warning System; a mechanism designed to keep the vehicle traveling in lane and preventing ‘drifting’.  Using cameras and sensors the device monitors the vehicle’s position on the road and will alert the driver if it goes off course suddenly.

Another is GPS monitoring which allows haulage companies to check the driver and their driving performance throughout the journey of the vehicle.  Careless driving is also detected!

As with some cars, HGVs can be fitted with an Automatic Braking System.  This will automatically activate the vehicle’s braking system when necessary, using crash avoidance technologies such as sensors, cameras and radar.

Here at Eynesbury Plant Hire, the safety of our staff, drivers and the general public is paramount.  You can find out more about us and the haulage services that we offer here.