How to choose the correct haulage company

Choosing the right haulage company is as important as choosing the right employee for your company. Most people make the mistake of choosing a haulage company from the local Yellow Pages listings because they feel that an entry here makes the haulage company reputable. Of course reputation is important, but a paid for entry in a directory should not be how you choose your haulage company. One of the most important parts of the fulfillment process is efficient haulage. The inability of customers to receive their orders in a timely fashion will create havoc for those customers and cause a company to lose business and thus potential profits as the customers move on to conduct their business with your competitors.

Choosing the right company to handle your haulage requires time and dedication. It is not something you can rush through or you will certainly choose the wrong transport company for your customers’ needs. There are several factors that you need to look into before you make a final decision: reputation of the company and the individual driver, recommendations by other companies, and finally how the pricing compares to other shipping companies providing the same or similar services. Never automatically go with the lowest price; look at the other factors first and only choose the lowest paid haulage company from among those who can provide quality service and prompt delivery.

You must also research the haulage company that you are considering. Use Google to get reviews of the company that you are considering, ask friends or colleagues in the industry for advice. How quickly can they deliver the goods? Are your employees experienced? Can you provide the correct documentation to ensure everything is being dealt with correctly? Large fines can be given to you if freight companies have transported goods without the correct paperwork – these are all important questions to ask when investing in a suitable company.

If you are looking for a haulage company that is based in Cambridge, Eynesbury Plant Hire are haulage experts – your transportation needs will be met and you will be assured of the best possible service delivered by our professional, experienced staff. Eynesbury Plant Hire are totally committed to outstanding service, quality and competitive pricing on contract haulage, express transport and distribution service.

Eynesbury Plant Hire have a sizeable fleet of modern vehicles and are well placed to offer clients a high quality cost-effective and expanding contract haulage service. We are able to provide ADR holders if and when required. All of vehicles and trailers are well maintained and up-to-date, meaning that Eynesbury Plant Hire are able to move an extensive range of plant, machinery and other equipment.

We specialise in supplying transport solutions for the construction industry, moving materials, machinery and equipment between sites as and when required. We also provide a haulage service for palletised and large non palletised items, including plant, machinery and equipment at competitive rates. Special arrangements can be made for large or irregular loads – providing the right vehicle and the best route to convey your particular item. Palletised consignments can be transported securely and efficiently to nationwide destinations using our delivery service.

Our haulage fleet includes:

7.5 ton Beavertail Plant Lorries – ideal for moving smaller items of plant, machinery and equipment, including machine buckets and attachments.
Crane Mounted Lorries (Hiab) – with a cheesewedge body, ideal for transporting plant and machinery as well as building materials, containers, cabins, generators and fuel bowsers etc.
Low Loaders – excellent for transporting an extensive range of heavy plant and machinery including tarmacing plant and equipment.
Taut Liners (Curtain Sided) 44 ft – suitable for moving an extensive range of loads included palletised goods. These lorries can be loaded from the side giving greater versatility, extremely useful for moving building materials and equipment from site to site and other bulky loads.