Why Road Sweepers Are Essential in the Construction Industry

Road sweepers are integral in keeping the roads around our towns and cities clean, and more so on the roads in and around construction and housing developments. There are many benefits of keeping these roads clean, and number 1 on the list must be health and safety.

Keeping the carriageways clear of debris and dirt build-up is a priority, as not only does it eliminate potential hazards, but it helps to keep the surface of the road from degrading more quickly. Regular road sweeping will also help prevent roadside drains and grates from becoming blocked, thus eliminating the risk of surface water build-up.

The longevity of road surfaces prevents the need for emergency repairs and aids road safety by maintaining the surface needed for vehicle tyre traction; the better the grip, the lower the accident risk.

Most construction sites have a regular flow of traffic in and out as well as the roads directly adjacent to them. By their very nature, construction sites produce dust, muck, and mess, all of which need to be managed. Large road sweepers scheduled regularly to patrol these areas can help stop the accumulation of much of the dirt before it has chance to build up to an unmanageable state. Developers have a duty to look after the environment after all.

Eynesbury Plant Hire services Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and our company prides itself on offering rental services with superior customer care. All of our machinery and equipment is maintained to a high standard with full service history and annual safety-check documentation.

Our modern fleet of VT650 Lorry Mounted Road Sweepers provide consistently high pick up performance on duties including dirt pick up around site and cleaning access roads.

The sweepers have high capacity hoppers, water systems and fuel tanks and are designed to stay at work for longer and deliver superb coverage per hour.

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