Why Hiring Plant Equipment is the Best Option

You may have a large landscaping or building project coming up, and whether it’s domestic or commercial, purchasing plant equipment could be a huge financial drain on your bank balance. That’s why at Eynesbury Plant Hire, we have the latest equipment to help you with the most challenging of buildings projects, at a fraction of the cost!

Construction relies heavily on the machinery available, and although large scale projects might need several different types of equipment, a smaller project might only require the minimum.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing to hire Plant machinery and equipment.

Safety and Reliability

There are many issues when considering the machinery needed for your job. Anything that is in poor working order can cause disruption to your timescale as well as eating into your budget where repairs are concerned. Faulty equipment could also violate regulations which could result in penalties.

All of our Plant Hire is maintained to the highest standards and is regularly serviced. Efficiency can be almost guaranteed, and in the rare instance that there is a problem with any equipment, the repair costs are not your responsibility.


On site storage issues can be a burden, and security goes hand in hand with that. Expensive machinery needs to be housed securely and can take up precious space in your operation. Hiring plant equipment cuts out the long term storage headache and with overheads reduced, you can channel your cash where you need it most.


One of the main benefits of hiring equipment is that it is more cost effective compared to purchase. With some machinery costing tens of thousands of pounds, hiring it will reduce the strain on your budget.

Hiring enables you to choose the exact machine you need for the job. You may need several different pieces of equipment, depending on each phase of your build, so hiring gives you the option to have the exact tools you need without the hefty price tag attached to buying.


Every building job is different and will bring its own set of challenges. That’s why hiring the most appropriate equipment for each task can give you the flexibility you need. If the machinery needs to be changed or replaced, then a simple phone call will set the ball rolling. Outright purchase could see you having to maintain and store units that could remain unused for long periods of time.

No depreciation

Once you invest in purchasing your own machinery, its value declines dramatically, and that’s money you’ll never get back. Unless you are constantly using the equipment it would be a false economy. It’s best to stick to hiring!

Here at Eynesbury Plant Hire, our experienced, professional staff are on hand to discuss your requirements ensuring you select the best equipment or service for your needs.

We serve areas in Cambridgeshire and beyond. Call our sales team today on 01480 215555 for a sensible quote and a first class service!