Ways to Maximise your Living Space

Struggling for space has become a common problem for growing families in recent years. Moving house can be hugely expensive and stressful and some people like where they live; it’s just that their living space has become too small.

House extensions are becoming more popular, and because of international travel restrictions during the pandemic and holidays on hold, many households are spending their vacation cash on home improvements. Creating extra rooms or space with family members at home more of the time has not only improved quality of family life, but also added value to their properties.

There are many ways to add living space to your home, and some can be achieved relatively cheaply. It might not be necessary to spend tens of thousands of pounds if all you need is one extra room.

Here are some ideas.

Garage Conversions

How many of us can say that we use our garages for their purpose? They’re mainly just large storage areas. The junk that can pile up and be forgotten about in no time at all!

A garage conversion would have no impact on the footprint of your property as you wouldn’t lose any garden space like building an extension might. Generally, a garage space is big enough to create a room for most uses, like an extra bedroom, an office, or a home gym.

Renovating your garage would also force you to clear some of the clutter! But if you really couldn’t bear to part with it, then a self-storage option is worth investigating.

Garden Buildings and Conservatories

Garden buildings are the perfect way to add another room to your property without the upheaval of having builder in and out of your house for weeks on end. As long as you don’t need to use the extra room as a bedroom, most garden rooms are pretty multi-functional. Free standing, and situated within your garden, they can be rooms to escape to!

If you’d rather have a conservatory added to the back of your home, this option lends itself to family living at the fraction of the cost of an extension.

Single Storey Extensions

This type of extension is usually added to the back or the side of your property. The extra room will open up the house and connect it more with the garden, as most people choose patio doors to enter and exit the building.

A ground floor extension gives you the option to extend an existing room or create a whole new one!

Double Storey Extensions

This option is the way to go if you want to add more bedrooms to your property. Along with the extra living space downstairs, the potential to add extra sleeping space opens up dramatically.

There are more considerations with a multi storey extension though; you must not cause serious loss or disruption of sunlight to neighbouring properties, and planning permission may be more difficult if your plans are too adventurous!

In Summary

All of these options will definitely add value and space to your property, but doing research beforehand is a must. Once you have decided, choose a contractor with good references and access to reliable Plant machinery. There will be digging/building required for any renovation listed above, and for the least amount of disruption to your household choosing the right builder is key.

Image Credit: Harvey Norman Architects