Our Top Suggestions for Hiring Plant Equipment

There are many scenarios and occasions when hiring plant equipment makes more sense than to purchase it outright. It can be cost effective within the budget of a construction project, and you can be assured that everything you hire is maintained to a high level, ensuring site safety.

Nevertheless, it can be quite confusing to sort through which type of equipment is most suitable for your job. We’ve put together some tips so that you can factor them in when making your decision.  

Does the equipment suit your needs?

Each construction project undertaken has its own set of needs. This is why you need to make sure the machinery you’re hiring is suitable for the particular job. In order to ascertain that, it’s helpful if you ask questions:

  • Can the machinery be transported to the site safely, and is there adequate access?
  • Can the machinery be used immediately, or will it require a trained operative?
  • Does the size of the unit meet your requirements?
  • Does the power capacity of the unit meet your requirements?
  • Are any attachments all present and correct?

Getting the wrong piece of equipment is not cost effective and can also delay your job. Be sure that all issues are dealt with swiftly. If you need guidance, our friendly sales team can advise you of the most appropriate equipment for your needs.


Plant hire items are always in high demand, so it would be foolhardy to assume that the equipment you need will be available exactly when you need it. Check well in advance that what you need can be hired out rather than waiting until the last minute and hoping for the best. Delays in your project could incur penalties, resulting in dissatisfied clients, and costs for you.


Delivery times and schedules are just as important as availability. During busier times of the year, there is extra pressure to stay on schedule. There are factors involved which could impact on delivery being on time, such as the distance between the hire facility to the delivery site, and the size of the machinery being delivered. The process will be less stressful if sorted out well in advance.

Safety first

The biggest factor when hiring plant machinery is safety. Equipment must be properly maintained according to safely rules and guidelines is injury or damage is to be avoided. Therefore, you should only deal with reputable hire companies who regularly maintain all of their equipment.

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