Mini Diggers and their Benefits

Before hiring any excavation machinery, it is important to understand how to choose the right digger for your site or project. This will involve understanding what each piece of machinery is used for, and its capabilities.

Mini excavators or diggers, as their name suggests, are smaller than standard excavators, but are still a very powerful piece of machinery. Due to their compact footprint and lighter weight, these diggers are more versatile and are generally used for small to medium jobs, that are too big for the use of hand tools. Of course, you’ll have to assess your project; mini diggers come in a range of sizes and hire prices, so you need to work out any space limitations and check the ground type before you make a final decision.

Like any large piece of machinery, mini diggers can be dangerous and should only be operated by a trained and experienced user.

So, what are the benefits of using a mini digger, and what makes them more suitable than their larger counterparts?

  • They’re lighter weight

Being of a lighter weight, mini diggers will do far less damage to the ground under them, especially if it’s soft or loose. Larger machinery is bound to do more damage to the work area with its heavy metal tracks and heavier load.

  • They have a smaller footprint

If your build project is on a small site or has restricted access, then this is the machine for the job. As in the previous point, a smaller digger lowers the chance of damaging the work area, but they are still powerful machines despite their size.

  • Speed of work

Manpower is no match for a mini digger! Some jobs could potentially be carried out using hand tools but can be labour intensive and time consuming. A mini digger will speed up the work whilst reducing labour costs and saving time.

  • They’re versatile

Mini diggers can be equipped with a wide range of attachments making them multi-functional. Whether they needed for construction purposes or demolition, several different jobs can be undertaken with the same machinery.

  • They’re ideal for landscaping

Mini diggers work well within limited spaces and are perfect for clearance or digging. They can also be used to transport materials around the site.

  • Holes and trenches

As the name suggests, digging is the primary role for these machines. The slim bucket is ideal for digging narrow trenches for drainage, mains, and utilities.

  • Home extensions/renovations

Most home extension or garden renovation projects will have access issues of one sort or another, so a mini digger is ideal to get through narrow walkways to the rear of properties. A mini digger will also make short work of breaking up and removing concrete and ground levelling. And if you’re worried about upsetting the neighbours with the noise, a smaller digger = a smaller, quieter engine, so noise pollution need not be an issue.

At Eynesbury Plant Hire, all of our excavators and mini diggers are well maintained and regularly serviced. We hold full service histories and annual safety check documentation for our entire fleet. Pre and post hire checklists are completed for all plant machinery. Call us today on 01480 215555 for information and a quotation.