Hiring Plant Machinery and What to Expect

Purchasing plant machinery can be astronomically expensive.  That’s why we’re here! Hiring machinery makes your building project far more cost effective, or if you’re a builder, your bank balance healthier!

Confidence in your supplier is essential and peace of mind that all equipment has been well maintained is a must in order to run your project effectively and safely.

If you want to make an informed decision about plant equipment hire then take a look at our top tips.

  1. Availability and Delivery

Have you contacted your supplier to see if the equipment you need is available on the dates that you need it?  Certain machines may be in high demand so make sure that you check their availability well in advance.  Can you afford to delay your building project? Avoid costly penalties by ensuring you have your machinery booked!

Logistics and delivery times need to be considered within your rental plans.  Determine when the equipment should be delivered to your site, particularly if it is during a busy time of year.  How is your access?  Will the delivery vehicle be able to gain entry to your site easily, or will you need to issue special instructions?  Will the equipment be delivered in one piece or in sections? These questions are another reason why you need to book your machinery hire in plenty of time.

  • Safety First

Before you hire any kind of machinery, you will first need to address the safety issues associated with it.  Serious injuries happen every day on building sites, and some of these are caused because machinery is faulty or misused.  You should always choose a reputable hire company that regularly inspects its machinery and equipment, dealing with any issues immediately.  Here at Eynesbury Plant Hire, health and safety is paramount, and we offer both operated and self-drive service.

  • Is your equipment reliable?

Your equipment will obviously have been previously used, so take into consideration its age and condition. Although plant hire machinery is well maintained (as long as you use a reputable company) there can be instances where breakdown occurs.  The older the equipment, the more prone to breakdown.  Firms like ours continually invest in the services offered to our customers to ensure machinery is up to date, maintained and reliable.

  • Fit for purpose?

Each building project is different, and so your hire plant needs will differ, depending on the job.  Hiring the wrong type of machinery can be costly, both in terms of finances and delays.  Your hire company will advise you and answer any queries you have to make sure you get the correct piece of equipment for the job in hand.

For more information about our Plant Hire services get in touch with us!