6 Reasons You Need to Use Plant Hire

As with everything, there are pros and cons to many decisions we make in everyday life. Compromise can be a big factor too, but what if you could get the service you need without having to jeopardise any aspect of your building project or its budget?

Here are just 6 reasons you should use plant hire instead of purchasing.

  1. It’s cost effective

Budget is the bottom line for many building projects. Hiring plant equipment and machinery can make the whole process more cost effective as the outlay for brand new machinery will almost certainly not be covered in most budgets. Hiring is literally a fraction of the cost of buying which is good news for those who are restricted to tight margins.

2. Good Selection

In order to select the equipment you need, plant hire companies such as ourselves have a vast range of machinery and equipment on offer giving you, the customer, more choice. We have an expert team available to advise you about the type and size of equipment you need for your specific requirements.

3. High Quality

All plant hire machinery is up to date, high quality and serviced regularly. This is of great benefit to consumers as they have the knowledge that anything hired is in good working order, and more importantly, safe to use. When you purchase your own machinery, it is down to you to service and maintain it; at a hiring facility we take care of all of that.

4. Depreciation

If you purchase the latest machinery, it will depreciate over time losing its value. Maintenance and spare parts all cost money and at some point in the future it will need to be replaced. When you hire, this responsibility falls to the provider and not you!

5. Eliminate storage issues

Plant equipment is large and tricky to store if you don’t have the correct facilities on your site. If you have planned your building project well, plant machinery and equipment can usually be delivered to site on the day that you need it, eliminating the need to spend on storage.

6. It’s flexible

Plans can often change in the duration of a construction project. In order to avoid delays in your timeline it’s sensible to build in a little flexibility. Hiring your equipment can give you that; if you need to scale up or down your plant needs, this can be facilitated relatively easily.

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